Seaside Slaughter Tournament

Seaside Slaughter IV: STAR BOWL

The Commissioners of Anime Imports Arena have decided to hold a grand tournament to decide once and for all, Who is the most skilled coach of all the lands, and have invited the legendary all-star players from the 4 corners of the old world! This gathering of star players will decide who is the ultimate MVP and induct a new star player into the hall of fame. Do you have the skill and charisma to be the next MVP?

Date: December 12, 2015
Location: 1305 Palmetto Ave Suite C, Pacifica, CA 94044
Contact Info:

10$ NAF Membership (optional) NAF sanctioned
15$ Preregister by November 1st
20$ Preregister by December 1st
25$ Registration after December 1st

11:00-11:30 Registration
11:30-2:00Round 1
2:00-2:30 Break paint judging
2:30-4:30 Round 2
4:45-6:45 Round 3
6:45-7:15 Awards

What to Bring:
• Your painted Blood Bowl team-- Feel free to bring any team from any designer. The team must have its players numbered clearly. The models you use MUST represent the position being played.
• 3 copies of your team roster-- one for your opponents, one for use during games and one for the official.
• Your Blood Bowl Blocking Dice, templates, assorted bits, board, dugouts, etc. -- You're probably going to need your templates, range rulers, Blocking Dice, and other bits.
• Copy of the Competition rule book (LRB 6.0)

We will be using Blood bowl Competition Rules. Any official teams will be allowed including Chaos Pact, Underworld, Slann and Khorne and Brettonia (cuz why the heck not?).
This will be a resurrection tournament, meaning all player injuries and star player points will not carry over into the next game. The amount of gold allowed is 1,000,000. This gold is used to create your team, including inducements. In addition you are given 200,000 gold pieces that can only be used to purchase star players. Gold from the 1,000,000 gp allowance may be used to purchase more expensive star players. There is a 3 star player maximum on your team. Your 11 player team minimum may include star players. You may then select one skill package and apply it to your team.

Skill Packages:

6 Regular skills
1 +MA, +AV, +AG, or +ST

3 Regular skills
2 Double skills
1 +MA, +AV, +AG, or +ST

4 Doubles
1 +MA, +AV, +AG, or +ST

In the spirit of star players on the pitch, there is no limit on how you assign your skills to your regular players. Star players cannot be given extra skills or stat boosts. Maximum of 3 duplicate skills (e.g. a dwarf team can only have three players with guard.)

The following inducements may be purchased as part of your roster:

Inducements Qty

Bloodweiser babes 0-2
Bribes 0-3
Extra Team Training 0-4
Halfling Master Chef 0-1
Mercenaries Unlimited
Wandering Apothecaries 0-2
Wizard 0-1

The tournament will be organized into points. there will be a total of three games.

Win 20pts
Draw 15pts
Loss 10pts

Additional Points
Lose only by one touchdown: 2pt
Out casualty (including fouls) your opponent by 2: 2pt
Out score your opponent by 2: 2pt
Make a throw teammate one turn Touchdown (limit 1 per game): 3pt

Tie breakers will be done by:

1 - Cumulative Score; then
2 - Head to Head Record; then
3 - TD ratio (Scored / Allowed).

Paint score: Two Judges will be judging painting. The total score from both judges will be added together.
No paint 0pt
Partially painted 1pt
Standard Quality 2pts
Tournament Quality 3pts
Master Class 4pts

Display Board (a flocked and painted board for displaying your team nicely) +1pt

Best Overall: Awarded to the player that has the highest combination of scores from all categories.

2nd Place: Awarded to the player that has the second highest combination of scores from all categories

Player's Choice: Awarded to the player that receives the most votes for player's choice. The coolest looking team you think deserves this award.

If anyone has any questions shoot me an email

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Chris (OC)
Steven Eudy
Stephen Yuen

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